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Box by box, case by case we load up little Sookie.  A 6 month supply of dog food just arrived and our faithful little cutter swallowed everything whole.  A 100 days is all we are stocking for this year and we have a place for everything.

sailing blog

Two humans and one extra terrestrial dog is the maximum limit for comfortable living aboard a micro ship but we not only do it but love doing it.  Its a constant challenge making this boat as big as she can be given our tiny 5 net ton displacement.

sailboat rigging

Our rig is almost as done as she will be this year and it feels good to have pages crossed off the list.  There are still a few missing parts and living on this tiny Island it may be a while before we scrounge them up but minus our finicky outboard Sookie is in fine shape and its finally time to start turning our attention towards making this boat shine again after the long dismal winter.  I’m contemplating robbing our small savings for a new outboard but it just may result in mutiny so each day I pull the cover off our 2005 outboard with its 35 original hours and scratch my head cursing this so called modern convenience.

sailing blog

For the first time in exactly 4 years since I took stewardship of Sookie she has a proper topping lift and one set of reef lines, no more sailing with our port lights under water.  The second set is ready to go as soon as I find one small padeye and everything has been set up to work with Emily’s tiny elfin hands.

small sailboat galley

Our gimablled alcohol stove got kiboshed again due to budget constraints but a good friend made up this beautiful counter to hold our camp stove for one more season giving us back our valuable counter space.   It was designed to be lowered so when the new stove does appear it will turn into a fine catchall for all the food Emily lovingly flings out of our cast iron skilled.  Our galley is nearing perfection,  water tanks will tie her all together but they are far off in our future so we continue to happily use our 2 gallon gravity  tank that sits on the counter.  When Sookie arrived on her trailer she had a bit of road damage and we lost was our beautiful refrigeration system.  Along with removing her propane stove our little home has had two gaping holes in her cabin but by end of year they will both be covered and a good 20% of our shipboard storage will be reclaimed.  We are still using the bilge as a fridge and happy enough with this set up.

sailing blog

I feel a bit guilty getting to do all the fun work while Emily is out beating the mean streets topping off our cruising kitty but soon enough she will trade in her press badge for  captains hat.  It was less than a year ago that I was so reluctant to open my mind to sharing my life and home with anyone but now that our little world is complete I realize I could never have done it without her.

“It takes two flints to make a fire.”
~ Louisa May Alcott

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