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Four boats quietly sit at the docks gently tugging at their lines.  Each in its own time will set off in a different direction all on their own journey.  While these four boats are as different from one another as their captains and itineraries they all share one thing in common. sailing blog

Ranging in size from 22′ to 47′ each boat is set up with long term voyaging in mind.  Each one is as off the grid as the captain can make it and each one is paid in full.

Sitting in the warm salon a stare up at the Cedar ceiling boards and follow along the lines of the magnificent craftsmanship.  The charts have been pulled out while fingers trace favorite anchorages and unknown obstacles.

The bottle of whiskey is less than half full by now and we all laugh and tease one another for our hair brained way of getting  through life. Where we all fall in line is that we all insist on being 100% debt free, we each work as hard as we can at not having to work.  Chris is Headed North, Kevin just soloed in from Japan, Adam is planning a family expedition and Sookie… well She can only sail where the winds and tide will take her.

Stumbling back to Sookie I try and not wake Emily who is sick and sound a sleep.  I accidentally kick the beer can alarm she has set for me in the cockpit and the silence is broken.  One single candle lights our main cabin with a warm glow and even though I have spent the last several hours in a ship that is as beautiful as any I have ever seen It feels good to be home sung in our tiny cabin, I want for nothing.

Freedom is our bond, the sea our guide and life our heroine.  I was recently reading an article titled buy experiences not things.  The study showed that purchasing things gives us a short term high but rapid wears off leaving us in a post consumer depression while experiences last a lifetime.  I don’t have any answers but the search continues for the golden recipe of minimum investment with maximum return.  I may never figure this one out on my own but I don’t even have to try, their is a worldwide network of rebels showing us the way.

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” ~ Socrates

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