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Every morning just before sunrise I crawl my lazy butt out of bed take a peek at the morning light and determine if its time to put on a cup of coffee and go light stalking or crawl back into big brown, my super snugly warm and toasty blanket.

sailing blog

Spring has arrived  here in the Salish Sea we are blessed with the greatest light show on earth.  for the next month or so storms will roll through fast and furious with the beautiful calms that always follow.  Big black low hanging clouds, crystal clear air and if we are truly lucky one or two lightning storms will push through scaring us but also awakening are sleeping souls.

Every spring since I was 21 I have made a point of finding spring nirvana.  Death Valley and the Southwest still top my list but the Pacific Northwest comes a very dear second.  The frogs are awake, the drone of bugs flying about fills the air and the sweet scent of the natural world waking up is as pungent as my strong morning brew.

Our self imposed deadline is in 34 short days away.  There is no destination, no schedule and no time to waste.  My summer will be spent chasing light, writing freelance for National Geographic and a few other top publications that have taught me everything I know about writing, photography and the art of adventure.  Of course for every big story there is a little one and while I prefer to start at the top and compete with the pro’s, Emily wants to write short essays for local papers and continue a journey she started 8 years ago when she joined her college newspaper.  So a perfect team we will make, I will try and capture the big story while she gets the small one.  Its the people we meet  that shape our lives more than what we are actually doing when we meet them.  Emily has created quite a name for herself in the local writing world and has a natural eye for photography even is she is still a student.

Emily has been turning out some pretty excellent results with my old point and shoot but is rapidly outgrowning it so its almost time for her fist DSLR.  I’ve spent the last few months failing at bartering a new camera for her so she is looking into crowd funding and with a little bit of luck she will have a new used camera before we set out.

“A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.”
~ George Bernard Shaw