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They say a picture is worth a thousands words.  It was bound to happen and when it did it was like watching a puppy fall asleep mid-stride as its spastic being is running around one second and stone cold asleep the next.

Bilge babe

Emily went down hard and was down for the count.  Day 34 without our engine came and went, wrapping up this and that wasn’t overly stressful or tiring but at the end of a 6 month stretch it finally caught up to us.  I grabbed her camera and took what was quite possibly the best photo I have ever taken.  You will never get to see it as she accidentally formatted her card before downloading it but it told a story well worth a thousand words…

All our ducks are in a row.  The engine is back and starts on the first pull after a few warm ups.  We have 24 gallons of water, 4 gallons of fuel and what was an ice cold six pack of beer sitting in our bilge.  When we sailed into Lopez 60 days ago we decided that this would be our new short term home while we finished up the boat.  All along we had planned on leaving today and now that we are finally ready to go… well were not going anywhere.  Two good friends are sailing in to see us so like good little sailors we have thrown our schedule out the window and now our lives depend on little more than the wind and tides.

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.”
― Ray Cummings

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