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Several years ago a  good friend said to me “You just lost everything you have in the world, what makes you think you can just buy a boat and sail to the Islands?”  My simple reply, “what makes you think I can’t?”Beer koozie I was recently told that my blog is a bit whiney, he continued on, “do you know how many people slammed their computers shut when you guys didn’t move the boat to Florida”  We both laughed, now so far in the past its funny to us but back then it wasn’t, we were within pennies of being able to make the transition putting us on the brink of warm clear water but any sailor knows that life is often little more than one big conspiracy of challenge.  Anything and everything will get in the way often bringing us to our knees.  If your refitting a boat you know exactly what I’m talking about. sailing blog I don’t know how to write honestly about our lives without it occasionally sounding whiny.  I guess I can blame this new nirvana syndrome on social media where everybody is climbing all over themselves to prove how awesome their lives are posting fun pictures and comments and all form of rah rah look at me shit.  We may be the only ones left on this planet but occasionally our life sucks, thank god its not often.

Aside from waiting on one single item we had all of our ducks in a row.  We left getting Chloe’s health certificate till the last minute so it wasn’t until the weekend that we learned that her rabies shot was due.  A quick google search informed us that in her failing health her immune system couldn’t handle one.  I can see the headliner now, The Cruise Is Off, more slamming computers.  Actually we immediately started talking about plan B, C, D, E, and F.  Fortune smiled on us and Chloe is all ready to go but it easily could haver gone the other way.

So the conspiracy we are learning isn’t against sailors, its against quitters.  Deep in the bowels of my hard drive I have an almost completed story nearly 80,000 words long.  It has all the logs and journeys that never made it to these pages, hundreds of pictures and many incredible encounters.  This blog was never meant to be a sailing blog, it just transformed into one.  My book yet to be titled is not a sailing book although it takes place on a sailboat.  Its a book about the struggle to achive a better life.  We all have one unwritten chapter, make the best of it.

“Your dreams minus your doubts equals your net worth”

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