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Theres and old saying that if you ask any two sailors the same question you will get three answers.  We’ve been asking the same question, if you had 4 or 5 months to play where would you do it.

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I was the only six year old pirate in my school, my zebra eye patch had me looking like Captain Ron’s mini me.  Reconstructive eye surgery left me with a bit of a limp, I see the world through the eyes of double vision, backwards, crooked and blurry.  I’ve gotten so used to this that I almost don’t realize it anymore until I pull out my charts.  Before I met Emily route planning was a bit of a challenge, I would have to memorize my charts through a magnifying glass squinting with one eye closed.  Navigation for me has always been on a wing and a prayer.

Somewhere way back when on a dark and stormy night I not so gently reminded Emily that in a  blink of an eye it would be spring and she was the chief and soul navigator on this boat.  All sailors myself included suffer from what we refer to as Parkinson’s law.  In a nut shell we will wait till the last minute and every job will take exactly as much allotted time as we have to complete it.  Emily has been working hard for the last few days on her navigation but it will be trail by fire at 5 knots.

And so it happened with the suddenness of a broken shoe lace.  There are no more projects to be crossed off the list.  I took my first shower is over 45 days and put on clean clothes.  Were still in hurry up and wait mode but now we have time to turn the galley back into a galley from a work bench.  Organize tools and put them back into their lockers.  Out comes all the summer clothing and away with our winter warmies.  Counters are being cleared.  Everything has its place if we can only remember where. As we prepare to leave the grid lanterns are replacing our 12 volt lights, we never got around to adding solar or water tanks or…

We are going on a scavenger hunt in search of all the things we never got around to finding over the winter.  We will scavenge every boat yard and used marine chandalry from here to, well we don’t really know.  Call it what you want but the next 4 or 5 months of voyaging will scanty differ from what we are doing now.  Wake up make coffee, walk the dog, do a bit of writing, tinker on this and that, read a book, take a nap…  The word journey has a thousand meaning to a thousand people.  To us we have no idea what it means because this is our first true voyage, together.

Besides, if we get lost, we pull in somewhere and ask directions. ~Captain Ron

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