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We must be the luckiest sailors in the world.  We were told you can’t sail the inside passage but we have sailed more than 95% of the 350 miles we have covered.  There hasn’t been a single day that we aren’t running from, hiding from or caught out in the weather.

Falmouth Cutter 22

Running the Malaspina Straights we were averaging 5.8 to 6.8 with an opposing tide, our theoretical hull speed is 6.12

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Slow easy days have filled in the gaps and given us much needed rest from long hours at the tiller without self steering.

falmouth cutter

Most nights we have found beautiful little hurricane holes which inspired Emily to write another song about playing hide and seek with the weather.


The more we explore this region the more I realize I don’t want to leave, a lifetime could be spent here and never touch the tip.

sailing blog

The water is warm and inviting and crystal clear.

sailing blog

Emily does a farewell dance in Lund as we set our sights south in search of work and a good place in Port Townsend to hang Sookie for the winter to do a few improvement to her interior.

Wedged in  my quarter berth I hear the water rushing by as Sookie charges south Emily screams when the largest of the rollers lift Sookie and attempt to throw her off course but she holds true and lifts to every one.  I should tuck a reef but she is having way too much fun.  Once again the weather guesser has been wrong but we always feel safe  and cozy in our little ship.  If I could bottle this freedom I could have made my fortune on this trip. From the Log of Sookie June, Malaspina Straights

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