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Sitting on the set of the movie One Cup of Coffee, nose buried in my book I was the last place I should have ever been.  I had backpacking plans that seemed awfully important at the time.  I hate night shoots and had just come off of a week shooting a horror film called Mirror Mirror. Somehow my a friend talked me into taking his place as an extra on the overnight shoot so he could go out on a date.

Nikon VS Canon

The previus week I had made friends with one of the actors that got me bumped from extra to day player, a huge pay upgrade and another line on my resume that wasn’t total BS.  I was pulled from the jaws of the storm i was fighting with Tania Aebi in Maiden Voyage when the Stunt coordinator introduced himself to me asking if I had ever done any stunt work.  My lack of experience didn’t seem to matter much to him as he excused himself announcing that he would return later to talk more with me about it.  Minutes later the director came up to me introduced himself and offered me a bump to day player if I was ok doing my own stunt work.  My friend Ricky from last week was in this movie as well and convinced them to bump me. Two roles in one week and my resume was almost all real.  I never did watch either movie and don’t know if I made it to the big screen or ended up on the cutting room floor, of the hundreds of movies I have worked on I have actually watched less than a dozen.

So thats how it all happened, I had been traveling till I ran out of money and fell ass backwards into Hollywood.  Talk about dumb fucking luck, but thats my life.  I never sweat the small stuff knowing the Universe will always provide for me if I let it.  Sipping my coffee in the morning sun my mind wandered off to where I might land next when I was smacked square in the face with the 2×4 of life.  My mind exploded with ideas for a new photography project that is just up my alley and Portandia is the prefect place to pull it off.  I’m headed to Hipsterville with everything I own on my back  and not s single care in the world.

One Cup Of Coffee was a movie about a washed up minor league pitcher who had one shot at the majors.  We all get one shot in life, what me make of it is who we become. Because I don’t have to skill or talent as a photographer to pull this one off I will have to rely on my passion and yes again my best friend dumb fucking luck.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

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