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I just bought my bike back from my LBS.  When we sailed out of Lopez I was damn near crippled and could barely walk, now in the best shape of my life I am strong like ox and ready to put some serious miles on my trusted steed.

Kona Paddywagon

The journey to my new Bristol Channel Cutter 28 will take place on my simple old Fixie, everything I own in tow with Chloe as my navigator.  The beauty of being such a minimalist is that I am free as a bird to pursue any opportunity  at the drop of a dime.  I failed miserably at integration and have sailed on.  My life savings is 400 bucks, there are no employment opportunities  here for me.  I have a sick dog and everything I own is hanging on a half inch piece of string.  Am I scared?  Hell no, I say bring it!  From here on out there is no path to follow, there are no  charts to guide me and no relief from the helm.  I’m setting out into uncharted waters  on little more than a wing and a prayer.  A challenged life is a fulfilled one.

There is nothing more efficient than a scared man with a bucket.  Unknown

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