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In thirty years of sailing and voyaging our journey engine-less up the inside passage was far and away the greatest adventure I have ever had.  Someday I will tell the story.

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I’m often asked what it takes to be a really great writer and while I don’t consider myself to be one I will answer the question. I will because I’m Stormy and thats how I roll.  I love when grammar nazi’s attack my blog, lets face it any putz other than me can edit, truly great writers are one in a billion.

If you really want to be a great writer its easy. Tell the truth or at least the truth as you perceived it.  You can put 4 people through the same situation and have 4 completely different perceptions of what happened.

Stop trying so hard if it doesn’t flow you don’t have a story.  I recently read the worst sailing book of my life, not only did she not have a story to tell even though she had sailed across the Pacific, but her writing was straight out of a how to become a writer workshop and was literally painful to read.

Forget about everything they taught you in school a good writer can have run on sentences, make up words and pretty much do anything they want to convey the story, writers are artists, color outside of the lines often.

Have a good story, just because you did something everybody in the world is doing doesn’t mean its interesting, A great story is great to write about once but keep making them up, change is a good thing.

Thats it, it isn’t rocket science.  Live the good life and write about it.

So I’m sitting in the laundry room pirating internet.  The washer is banging around below me, it sounds like I am on a roller coaster but feels like I’m on a train.  Yesterday was a sad day around here for all as Emily moved off the boat.  I woke up alone today without her little chirping protests of starting a new day.  In one more day my new backpack will arrive in the mail, I’m headed to Portland for a bit and then setting out to create my masterpiece.  Its taken me a lifetime summon the courage for the next journey but it has already begun.

Its not an adventure until something goes wrong.  ~Yvon Chouinard

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