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Hours of searching confirmed that my stealth campsite so so stealth that even I couldn’t find it.  I had left just hours earlier to hitchhike to the Pack and Save for food while I planned my journey to the volcano.  I sat on a rock and the heavens opened up on me, I couldn’t have been wetter if I was swimming.  I had literally lost every single possession I had on the planet earth.  I pulled a can of juice out of my plastic grocery sac and contemplated my future.

ukulele ttrveler

With nothing but the clothes on my back I started my new adventure.  Within 24 hours I had a place to stay, met a nice girl and was given an invitation to travel in style to one of the outlying islands.  Sometimes we get so attached to our stuff it becomes more important than our lives.  Its a murky line between owning our possessions and having them own us.  I was a little suprised when everything I own in the world that isn’t attached to the boat fit inside my 48 liter pack.  This pack is way to large for me but I’m not going on vacation, she is my tiny home, turtle shell and life support sytem while I set off to buy my freedom.

falmouth Cutter 22

The more I research the Bristol Channel Cutter the more I wonder if i’m getting in over my head.  I know I can sail her and maintain her and upgrade her.  My biggest fear is that I might be buying the farm with her.  I can rig up and sail Sookie in about 10 minutes, she is easy to dock, fun to sail and always can fit into this or than little nook.  The BCC is a ship and while its always been my dream to own and sail my own ship I wonder if the romance and challenge will be lost.  I slung my pack over my shoulder with my Ukulele strapped to the back and my trusty Nikon slung around my shoulder to take a test run.  I didn’t make it far before setting eyes on a gorgeous Nor’sea 27 at the guest dock.  Studying her lines made me smile, Lyle Hess sure could draw a pretty boat.


When I set out on this voyage I knew that there was no safety net at the end of the journey, perhaps thats what made it all so special.  Without risk there is no reward, the open road calls my name and a new journey is underfoot.  Sookie feels cold and lonely in this forlorn little yard but she is safe and soon enough I will return to put her back together.  Step off the cliff and a net will appear.

I aint afraid of nothin.  ~Adam nash

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