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I can’t say exactly why I can’t say anything, but our current mission is so top secret you won’t hear a peep out of me about it.  Lets just say in a purely metaphorical  sense I have eaten the forbidden fruit.

the forbidden fruit

Soft balmy winds blew through the valley caressing our skin and evaporating our sweat into a thick salty paste.  Three days of hard labor, riding and … with no shower had us smelling in ways the average person can never imagine.  Heat wave is an understatement but true to form we found ourselves sitting at the gateway of nirvana.  Like any good story this one had a bridge to cross and a troll to appease but the battle was won in no short oder.  My cotton tee was soaked through strangling my body.  Salty sweat dripped from the tips of my long unwashed hair, ran down my face and settled on my lips, I tasted like the sea.

All good days come to an end and today was in the purest form of luxury, a hot steamy bath, followed by cool clean water and a fresh cotton full size towel.  We took turns pouring huge buckets of fire warmed water over eachother in our impromptu turkish bath rinsing away layer upon layer of the hard earned days of our lives.  Our clean skin tingled as we laughed and teased running around naked as Adam and Eve in a wide open public venue but there were no eyes to shame us.  Our souls danced surrounded by thousands of gallons of natures oldest and wisest aphrodisiac.  I could tell more but my lips are sealed.

 All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.  -Socrates 

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