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Only the penitent man shall pass, these are the words that keep going through my mind as I drop to one knee 630 times in 4 hours.  I’m as far away from the ocean as I have ever been in my life, now I am surrounded by a sea of a different sort.

The holy grail

To make the most out of any given situation is never enough.  You can climb any hill ridge or mountain but until you have descended into the valley you have not finished what you started.  Its from this valley that we start our next summit attempt.

Standing on the highest peak of Mt Whitney I looked across the world and smiled.  I had run all the way to the top but I didn’t have to summit before I knew I could do it.  Climbing out of the valley is easy, put one foot in front of the other and repeat as often as necessary until you have reached the top.  Its the desceent that hides the truest risks.  Euphoria and exhaustion are a dangerous recipe for disaster.

Some people are born for success, others find it through sheer luck.  I achieve it through attrition.  I say success but its a word with a thousand meanings depending on who you ask.  For me success is measured in small daily increments.  I could never ride my bike a thousand miles but 50-75 a day comes easy and adds up fast.

The universe is conspiring to break me and I won’t fight it.  I will drop to my knees as often as I have to as this too shall pass.  Sitting in a vacant parking lot I watch the blood moon dip into the nights sky and know its almost time to start my ascent.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” -Les Brown

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