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Perspective wields a sharp knife.  The boat yard managers head is about to implode, we go round and round.  No I’m not living in the boatyard, I’m just staying here for a few days to wrap the boat up.  So you are living in the boat yard…  I’m already bored with this conversation and my ADD takes over as my mind starts to drift.  A week ago I broke up with my girlfriend who kept trying to sink Sookie.  I’m unemployed, broke, my boat is for sale and I’m watching my dog who is my best friend in the whole world literally die in front of me.  In a few brief moments I’m going to have to add homeless to the list.  Did I mention that I’m visually disabled.  I pull a Stormy and laugh at him and walk away. top 20 sailing blogs boats and outboards Attitude is the difference between ordeal and adventure.  I’m blessed with a story to tell and Boats and Outboards has further blessed me by adding my name to their list of the top 20 Sailing blogs.  I read through the list and even though I haven’t met a single one of the mentioned writers, they are all good friends of mine.  I follow thier lives, the ups and downs and feel like I know them on a very personal level.  I get side tracked to Liz Clarks blog (yes I have a crush on her) and fall deep into her little world just long enough to remeber why I left corporate America, its not that I hate business, its that I hate rules.  I don’t follow anybody’s rules I make my own up as I go.  I wrote a very short and too the point letter declining my new offer of employment.  With the simple stroke of a key the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders, again free.

We all lose our way from time to time.  As for me, well; I’m not lost, I just don’t know exactly where I am.  I hope some day soon to realize my full potential.  Until that day arrives I don’t mind sailing into the wind and I’m reminded of some of my favorite words by my favorite sailor Larry Pardey.

 If its this difficult, it must be worth it.

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