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Trying to review a backpack is like trying to review a jock strap.  Just because one guy can comfortably fit his junk into it, doesn’t mean you will be able to.

osprey talon 33

Sitting in the hot afternoon sun enjoying a nice glass of Sonoma county sparkling Zin  life on the outside felt impossibly perfect.  I say on the outside because on the inside I’m a train wreck.  For the first time in my adult life I don’t have a single obligation.  On one hand I feel free a a bird but on the other trapped like a rat.  I had to get way to sort my mind and I thought the mountians would be good medicine for a broken heart.

Osprey talon 33

Friday had me stuck in a tree 30 feet off the ground saving a cat but who was going to save me?  The next morning I packed up and headed for the Cascades, a light dusting of snow covered the ground reminding me its almost time to find a nice little cabin with a wood burning stove to hole up in.  It was good to be with the wilderness again but it also was a harsh reality check.  Everywhere I went I instinctively felt Chloe but she was not there.  Its going to take some time getting used to not having my canine companion with me.  I did my best to bury my heart on that mountain.

osprey talon 33

I still haven’t found the perfect backpack for a round the world expedition but I will keep at it till I do.  I’m not actually planning any journeys but I want the option at hand and its a good way to keep the mind busy.  Sunday had me back at the industrial oasis and ready to resume my life as a migrant worker.  Its wine making season and I’m knee deep in grapes, glass and corks.

osprey talon 33

Soaked to the bone inside a grape crusher the dark humid space felt safe, hot steamy water everywhere, grape seeds covered my body.  A hard days work soothed the soul, my mind lost in some other world.  I heard a rap on the tank and crawled out.  I was handed a beautiful glass of Sonoma Brut to toast the crush and wandered out into the hot sun to enjoy it.  I closed my eyes and looked back on the year so far.  Winter bike touring the San Juan Islands.  Spring sailing the inside passage.  July stomping around Lopez Island and August moving from winery to tasting room enjoying the magical talents of Oregon’s best wine makers.  The crush has started and when it ends I will pick up that pack and go for a walk in the woods.

crush 2015

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”
― Paulo Coelho

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