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I love crowd funding, over the years I have supported many efforts and will continue to as often as I see fit. Personally I have never engaged in a crowd funding project and I doubt I ever will.  Another day older and more lessons learned.

Try no to be a dick

Lets face it we feel like we deserve a pat on the back from time to time.  I guess I felt entitled to a break after 10 solid years of faithfully blogging.  I’ve never asked for anything and honestly I turn down about 50 advertising offers a year in order to keep my site clean.

4 years of on and off negotiating “read begging” for a free bike from a local manufacturer came to an end this week when I was flat out told no I will never get a free bike but I can have a small discount.  In my tiny little mind I felt like I deserved a free bike, I write about what I love truthfully and have a strong enough internet presence that I should get it for free.  After all why should I pay for a bike only to turn around and write about it day in and day out for years on end for nothing?  On a whim I turned to a local bike shop, sent a quick A.D.D Dyslexic letter asking for a pro deal. I.E. a bike at cost figuring I could help out my LBS in the process of helping myself, WRONG MOVE.

The next morning I received a reply that didn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy and in typical Stormy fashion replied to his reply starting a mini word war three.  Well his email was never meant to be sent to me but written in a moment of frustration, mine was sent because I am a dick.  He sent back a sincere appology confirming if to no one else but myself how huge of a King Kamehameha dick I am and I replied hopefully ending what should have never started in the first place.

Lesson learned??? No matter who you are or what you do you are not entitled to shit.  If you want somethiong earn it, get ten jobs, sell your useless shit, save every penny and soon enough you will have something so awesome to write about that all the dicks in the universe will send you hate mail telling you how much of a douche trustafarian failure that you are but at that point who gives a shit, it’s your trip and your life, you earned it and best of all you don’t owe anyone shit.

My point to all this?  Well, what is the point?  Crowd funding and advertising does have its place in this world but it’s not for me.  Once again I am humbled by a complete stranger, a day older and a little bit wiser.

PS Dear Rolex can I please have a free watch 😉

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