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Just when I think life can’t get any better the universe is once again calling my bluff.  A beautiful Bristol Channel Cutter 28 has literally fallen into my lap.

Falmouth Cutter

The only question on my mind is do I really want a bigger boat.  For all the bitching and groaning I do about winter and not having a reliable heat source on Sookie I have done little in the interest of marketing her for sale.  I know she is the perfect boat for me but so is the Bristol Channel Cutter 28.  Six more feet plus a few in beam would certainly make for extra space to roam but I would also be nearly doubling my displacement and need to find a larger slip.

I’m walking out the door to visit the coast and when I come back in a few days I have to give my answer.  Is bigger really better?  Can I single hand a 37′ boat and do I want to?  Will the romance of sailing be diminished?  Do I really want to work on all that extra wood?  Can I turn down what may be a once in a lifetime offer on a boat?

I’ve never been fond of now or never proposals but have also lived to regret not jumping onboard when the gravy train pulls through.  Much to think about and a rainy weekend on the coast completely unplugged is just what the doctor ordered.  What would you do?

“Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door.”
― Emily Dickinson

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