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No Ka Oi translates simply to the best and Maui is by far the best or at least my favorite of the Islands of Hawaii. having said that I have explored all of the other islands ad nausium but Maui has always been reserved for lush short term get aways.

Touring on a Brompton

Truthfully I know almost nothing about Maui past the poolside tiki bars of the many  5 star resorts I have visited over the years.  This time it will be a bit different, I’m buying a one way ticket, my pack is stripped to the very basics and of corse my trusty new Brompton will replace the normal mode of island transportation.

I sent out a letter to all my friends and aquaintances inviting them to fly south for the winter on a sort of working holiday but didn’t get one single taker.  I know all to well what it feels like to be trapped by the constraints of society and it seems that everyone I know is on the treadmill of life so my travel will be a solo journey.  In my easy slow moving way I don’t have any plans or destination in mind.  Once I get off the plane I’ll pack up the bike and start riding towards the sunset and see where she leads me.

I’ve given myself 2 weeks to familiarize myself with my new Brompton and her 1200 parts.  I need to build a spares kit for her so I can do all of her maintenance and repair roadside.  I have gone through the entire bike a dozen times looking for potential weak spots or places that might suffer in in tropics and am confident that I have chosen the best touring bike for the job.

Like with everything in life I prefer to ride the long easy flat terrain but I know there will be valleys to climb out of and mountains to traverse.   I look forward to the long painful grind as what goes up must come down, the hardest earned journeys are always the best or should I say No Ka Oi.

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