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Like the best cooking recipes life is best made from scratch.  In 3 short days I will be pushing my protege from the nest to pursue her dreams while I move on the constant quest to create my tiny personal empire.   A smidgen over 4 years ago I lost everything, the rebuilding process has been amazingly fun although I have had my moments.

falmouth cutter 22

Its no small secret so to speak that I prefer really kewl small shit like my ukulele, Brompton, Falmouth Cutter and soon enough a tiny log cabin built with little more than my bare hands.  Small, simple and naturally powered is my preferred way of life, although I have been known to stray.  Trading options keeps life fun and exciting, somedays soon I hope to live my life in 4 quarters, sailing in the spring, bike touring in the summer, flying the bush in the fall and wintering on my tiny homestead. Always on the move my life is a bit schizophrenic but until I find a reason to settle down without settling I will continue my nomadic way of life.

Kilt fire, Utilikilt

My new pack is packed and my Brompton is almost here.  My tiny budget does not allow for everything I want but it has provided everything I need to stealth camp my way through the South Pacific until I am ready to return to the Pacific Northwest and start my spring adventures.  Now if I could only figure a way into a Piper Super Cub I could fulfill my life long dream of becoming a bush pilot.

The story isn’t what you did, its how you did it.  

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