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It’s taken me exactly one day to be completely transformed from a cycling tourist to a homeless person seeking shelter   I find an old shed and share it with the geckos and a few land crabs .

Olawalu camp ground


The wind is  blowing so hard  it threatens  to take the old tin roof with it, I can only imagine what it will  be like when the rain comes

Touring with a one man tent


I made I to Lahaina forgot to by coffee but did find stove fuel at triple the price. I  successfuly located and  cleared all the thorns from my stealth site by stepping on them.

Tent fail

in no particular order a huge shark kept me from swimming.  I got heat stroke. A ranger kicked me out if my site, hurricane winds descended out of the valley  and my IPhone is on deaths door

Touring with a Brompton

The roads on the Island are smooth clean and wide with wonderful bike lanes.  The trafic is nonstop high speed and never ending   Roadside memorials are the cyclists constant companion. The wind has me trapped like a rat and it’s only just begun.

I’ve spent the last few months living in a cold tin shed and was constantly asked how I could be so happy living there.   My simple response always came with a huge smile.  Three hots and a cot, what more could I ask for in this world.

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