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Rolling down the hwy at a cool 15 mph I chuckle to myself, I’ve come along way from my Harley   Today is a special day, it’s day 7 which means all the tourists are going home but not me. I wouldn’t consider myself a local but Hawaii is now my home for as long as I continue my slow meandering bicycle tour on my little Brompton.

The bike is both my master and servant,  I love the mobility but feel like I have to baby sit the bike everywhere i go to protect her from sticky fingers. Having now passed the 200 mile mark on this bike a can truly say Bromptins are truly the best and coolest folding bike on the planet.   They also happen to the next  est thing to a puppy on a leash for meeting people. 

Had I not had the bike with me I could of found much more secluded spots to poach for the night. On the other hand if I didn’t have the bike I could only go where the bus goes, all the best places I have visited have been by brompty. 

So I survived the first week sometimes even thrived in it but so far this trip has been a gold mine. I get many emails asking for writing advice and the first question I ask is always what’s your story.  I’ve posted about 10 percent of my real journey here saving the balance of the goods for, We’ll I too have found a new story and it will… Sorry but you are going to have to wait for me to publish it

The very second I stepped off the plane a princess from Bali approached me and she must have had good juju because every character on the island has found thier way to me. 

So I took a chance, failed miserably. Accepted help and found my story. If I hadn’t of shown up broke I wouldn’t have found it.  I’m not out of the woods yet and assume chapter 1 will be just as crazy as the intro.   All I can ad is write what you know, do what you love, and remember everybody is afraid all the time. Don’t let fear guide you, ride that wave till it’s over an eventually you will teach a new shore.  Mahalo

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