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I should have listened to my mother. I could have gone to college became a cosmetic surgen 500 thou a year and up to my neck in tits and ass. 

I get a short email from Emily, are you ok?  I respond, you won’t get a book deal sittin on your couch surfing YouTube. 

I came here thinking I could fill a hole in the gap   There is no info on cycling Hawaii on a budget, now I know why. So I’ve suffered a bit, big deal. A story I don’t even know could be in the making. I wonder how fun this blog would be to write from poolside at the Marriott with a 16 dollar mind eraser coming every hour on the hour.  

I’m no quiter and yesterday Maui opened her arms for me. First it was a full giant fuel can that fits my stove.  Soon after it was a 4 huge cans of roast beef.  I love the free bin. Then it was the scent of a woman.   Yes even in the dirt there is good. 

Sitting at the table with Havi last week he blessed our food and my journey with a Hawaiin prayer and I can assure you I was the most thankful person on the planet earth. It really made me wonder if people are thankful for what they have in this life or is it just all expected and taken for granted. 

On thanksgiving day I will be eating cold beef out of a can with fresh coconut water and I’m going to spurge for instant mashed potatoes. I can tell you this with the utmost certainty that I will be truly thankful for that meal, my little piece of beach and the one an only thing we truly posses in this world, our health. 

Take a good look at everything around you, your friends your family your stuff. One day soon it wall all be gone. Take the time to smell the flowers before it’s too late. 

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