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I waste the whole day laying around in the shade. I’m exhausted both mentally an physically.  The relentless heat must be getting to me because I get Dizzy if I stand up.  Water, I drink lots of it.  So much that I slosh and gurgle like the tide.  

I find a golf ball and name it Wilson. Obviously I’m not in my most creative state but it keeps me. Company, one more voice in my head. 

I’m living steps away from one of Maui’s most sacred burial grounds.  The earth Is deep red and said to be Colored with the blood of a thousand warriors.  I find it vey peaceful but at night the woods are spooky and you can always hear empty foot steps in the night. 

Today I have nothing to think about but that’s all I do all day long, I think. There are times when I am crippled with anxiety but I squash it. On some very deep level I still feel like I am following a path I am meant to follow, I just wish I had a map so I knew where it was going. 

My only chore of the day is to clean an tune my still un-named Brompton. Tomorrow we will ride as far as my legs will take me. I honestly think that this is the best bike I have ever been fortunate enough to ride.  Everywhere I take her she brings smiles which are the most priceless thing in the world when you are stranded on a tropical island. 

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