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A rooster is crowing somewhere off in the distance.  It’s 4:00 am. I’m wide Wake but still exausted from my travels. For the first time since hatching this silly plan I’m actually thinking clearly or should I say what the hell was I thinking.

Bicycle touring maui

Day one Burned through 25 percent of my budget and my reality check just bounced.  To ad insult to injury I forgot my sunglasses and somehow packed way too much crap in my bike box to fit on my bike.

On a  plus side day one also saw me pulling a Stormy on multiple fronts and if it’s any indication of what lies ahead…. We’ll lets just say Maui is going to be good to me,

The best plan I can come up with for today is to find a nice palm to play my uke under and see where this life takes me .  Like they say there is nothing more efficient than a scared man with a bucket.

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