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The sherif say yoo no mah the heetchhike, go see da judge. 


I was up at the crack of dawn hitch hiking my way to Wailuku for a days work and a chance to put a few bucks in my pocket.  I was very excited as this was my first offer since arriving.   I’m sure  it’s all my fault. I must have gone to the wrong place.   I waited two hours then gave up and tried to thumb it home and that is where all my troubles started. 

A thirty dollar cab ride sent me back to where I started, to lick my wounds.   The day started off weird enough so I should have known better.   Even back home wherever that is bad days can happen.  It’s time for a shower and a cup of coffee.  

I’m still shaken from my cycling mishaps but it’s time to get back in the sadle an start pedaling my brompton again.  

I think of my Heros  and Larry Pardey comes to mind.  He is one I the most successful people i know. One thing for sure he didn’t make it without taking many chances and risks for his dreams to manifest.  His simple words, if it’s this difficult it must be worth it give me strength. 

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges and as each one is met it’s done screaming I’m alive.  Frank Sinatra May have done it his way but I’m learning to do it the islands way. Mahalo

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