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This isn’t your fathers Hawaii. I’ve survived the transition, the early mornings are the hardest. The quiet darkness eats at my mind, I fight back. Be strong, you can do it

Riding toward Kaanapali the bike path soon ends leading to hairy winding and tight roads with too much trafic  I throw in the towel after almost being run off the road only to find the opposite direction even more dangerous.  Now I’m on the cliff side and another near miss has my heart in my throat. I’m almost out of coconut water so a take a break and find a tropical refill, they are always free. 

Extracting salvation from the nut is extremely labor intensive work but worth it.  I drink half of the sweet water pouring the rest in my bottle mixed with water for later.  The meat will be my days snack.

I say a prayer and get back on the road. My load is too heavy so for the umpteenth time in so many days I will take everything out and scrutinize its I importants .   The homeless guys are on to something with those tiny packs and bikes, there are hints and lessons all around me; all I have to do is observe with a new set of eyes.  

I still haven’t used my sleeping bag, the night air is warm and balmy so I lay on my pad and sleep naked. I’ve been taught that you don’t sleep without a bag so it’s not only physically weighing me down but mentally as well.  I need to relearn everything and let go of my few possessions if I’m goin to make this work.  

The world of budget travel is vastly different than just 20 years ago but it’s not impossible you just have to be creative. I was a fool to think I could show up with 500 bucks and survive. I make the best of it another day older and another day wiser.  

When I get down on myself for all the mistakes I have made I remind myself of the alternative, what I would be doing if I wasn’t here living in a tropical paradise.  All I can say is perspective wields a sharp knife. 

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