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I’ve finally found the one good thing I’m consistently good at, failure.  The rangers are on to me, there will be no camping on the beach for me although they did offer  a less appealing alternative.

Bike touring hawaii

Everyone I have met is unbelievably friendly and helpful but it seems there are no job openings if you don’t have a perminate address, I live just down the beach doesn’t seem to cut it. Again it’s way too windy to ride my bike so I will hitch into town to contine my search for employment and fresh fruit, all I have found so far are coconuts.

My poor eyes are a bit sunburned but they are still quite pleased with never ending rainbows and the hundreds of shells and coral I have been finding on my beach trash collection journeys.

Feeling a bit lonely last night I took my uke to beach to serenade the stars and ended up making many new friends. It’s scary right now being dead broke and homeless but I know I’m were I’m meant to be, there is magic in these islands. I’ve always said that the first three days of anything new are the hardest.  If you can survive them then everything will come your way. Hele on down.

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