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If you haven’t fasted for a week you should try it. The mind gets strong as does the body and soul.

I’m on the wrong side of the island for fruit and my camping situation is still rough but I feel my strength coming back both mentally and physically. I’m doing my best to avoid the redicules fines for sleeping on the beach but to be honest anyplace close to town is a bit sketchy for my timid taste.

Coconut on the other hand is helping cleanse my soul as is the salt water. My skin is now rubbery soft and smooth and a bit of muscle is starting to show from behind all my fat. The stress of losing Chloe really put me in an emotional tailspin but now I feel like  I’m climbing back out of the hole. 

I’ve been waking up around three evey day and go to sleep shortly after sunset. Early tomorrow I will try my hand at spearing a tuna.  I’m still a weak, scared and timid Haole but each day I go a little more native

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