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I’ve been reduced to the lowest level of human existence. Wet, sandy, hungry and I posses scantly more than the shirt on my back. Taken back to the organs of man I am little more than the earth that covers my body. Standing naked in the garden of Eden I feel more alive than I ever have. I will not eat from the tree of good and evil.

My soul is finally at peace with the world, I have submitted to nature and let her run through me. I feel like a wild animal, alive and hungry.  I crave raw meat, raw everything. So again it is through having nothing that I have gained everything. 

I can no longer fail, I have reached the absolute rock bottom. From here on out success is my only option.  I can only better my life and those around me.  I have decided to do the one thing I never thought I would do. I will quit smoking. I’ve tried and failed before but that was when i was weak. Running naked through the jungle I fear nothing, I am wild, I am Stormy. 

I see the world differently now, no petty BS I just see how beautiful everything around me is. I’m ready for a bed, a hot shorer, the company of my friends and a good woman. 

I meditate for hours scanning  my entire life from birth to present. I have never once truly suffered in life the way so many do. I am privileged having been born in the United States. I am privileged in so many ways I can’t even count them. If your worried about me don’t be. Next time you see a person in need pay it foreward, buy them a sandwich or just say hi they are more than likely really lonely. 

I stare across the sea and silently hope that no person that reads my words will ever have to go through what I have since landing. I say those words knowing full well if I had to that I would do it all over again because this is where my story begins.  Mahalo 

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