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What the fuck am I doing here, this phrase keeps banging through my head lauder and lauder like an approaching storm.  The words flow like water. I quit, I’m not doing this any longer.  This is complete insanity and I won’t tolerate it anymore. Screw you guys I’m going home! 

   I get up and leave, I vow never to subject myself to corperate BS again. The questions they were asking me, the hoops they were trying to make me jump through.  You’d think was aplying for the position of commander and chief not a dumb fucking 12 dollar an hour job. I felt like I was being trained as a circus monkey.    

I’ve never felt more elated or liberated in my life, my search for work has ended.  Sure I need something but it will show up when the time is right.  From now on I’m in   Vaca mode now pass me that damn Piña Coloda.

I’m proof reading this post when a funny thought comes through my head. I wonder how many people saw the title and found satisfaction thinking I was giving up? How many people are rooting against me or for me to fail?  Then another thought pops into my mind that I actually have failed on every front. The only way  I could have failed any more than I did is If I hadn’t of tried in the first place in which case I would have failed by default as one brilliant writer once said.

It hits me for the first time that I’ve done it. I’ve survived another of my massive life’s blunders.  I didn’t give up or give in. I just kept changing my attitude until I found the one best suited for me. I start thinking maybe I am done here, maybe it’s time to move on. Naw, not yet anyways, im in Hawaii on a beautiful beach and not a care in the world.   

Some day I’ll tell this story and get the same reaction I always do. Your so full of shit Stormy there is no way that story is true.  It’s always the best complament I have ever gotten. So how long am I staying here?  I think Lin Pardey has already answered that one for me, as long as it’s fun.   

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