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The fishermans boat is old and worn like his hands.  Every day he sets out on the same journey and returns to the same place. This is my biggest fear in life,  the infinite circle leading to nowhere.

The road is like an oven searing me alive there is always a head wind no matter which way I am going. A cyclist blows by me then slows to let me catch up and we char.  He tells me everything that is wrong with my bike and why it’s to slow.  My response is for  Him to slow down and relax,  he is riding on and island loop and will never get there. 

I have lost count of the days but I have my own loop, I ride my bike looking for a job I don’t want but need. I pop into town window shopping looking at all the things I need but don’t want. I people watch meet locals and try and make new friends.  I have 15 hours a day to kill,   I had hopes that time would be spent on the bike always on the move and soon it will be.  

Last minute circumstances changed everything so i roll with it and try not to fight it. Today I will look for a new way to find work, I don’t know Exactly how because I haven’t invented it yet but there must be a better way. It’s time to get creative. 

The farmer says to the cow, give me milk and I will feed you. The cow replies feed me and I will give you milk. 

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