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I curl up in the fetal position  I didn’t think it was possible that my new tent could hold so much water.  Everything is drenched including my mind. I’m so waterlogged even my soul is wet. 

The weather man has guessed ar four more days of heavy rain.  My tent is useless,  the wet walls  sag and droop it’s a miserable hell. 

 I’m up all night trying to sponge it out but it’s pointless .   I’m living in a wet coffin like tube called a one man tent, I can’t even sit up in it. I take it as another lesson from Maui, she is really pushing my buttons today.   

In a gesture of I won’t give up, I walk naked at first light down to the shore. I dive in screaming and laughing like a little boy. I’m having so much fun the world disappears and I’m suddenly startled that I have company…

Quit your job not your life.   From the journal of Stormy   West Maui

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