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It’s only 9:00am and it’s aready an inferno, the air is thick and hot. Head winds blast at me, my twiggy legs look like they would be better suited On a chicken.  A week ago this ride would have killed me. 

Today they spin the pedals like well oiled pistons and the wind is no match. There is a Storm coming so I need to stock the pack for a few days. I take a wrong turn and find a shop I’ve been trying to find for a week, the sign says gone surfing. I leave a note and get lost again this time finding a True Value hardwear and half price stove fuel.  I should really try the cat food kind but i have bigger fish to fry. 
I’m blessed with an eating disorder, if not for it I would be staving but I feel quite satisfied if I keep my mileage under 4o a day. For breakfast I have 2 cups of coffee and 2 packets of cold instant oatmeal and love it. Lunch is snacks, each day I get one I the following. Half a bag of Fritos or half a box of Crackefs or half a can of nuts.  I snack on these all day but am careful not to over indulge.  I get a third of a jar of peanut butter a day and on special days I have an apple to spread it on and it’s a real treat.  Dinner is a little canned chicken thing with super spicy sauce and late night munches are whatever is left from the snack Bag.  For the most part I feel really satisfied and on days that I don’t I each coconut till it makes me sick, I love the stuff. I also carry one emergency pack of ramen noodles food super celebrations.  

I make it to town and back and beat the storm, organize the emergency supply’s and tuck my food receipt away for late reading in my leisure time. 

If it’s not too windy to ride tomorrow I will jump on the brompty for a magic carpet ride to town and get that job, as for now surfs up and I think it’s appropriate to repeat the number one phrase I hear on this island, gone surfing…

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