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Today I became a postcard. I did nothing, ate everything, rode to town and had an afternoon beer.  On the way home I found a nice park and took a nap, might take another one right now.

This could become boring and I do boring very well. The last drama was last night when fire ants ate a hole through my tent, we did battle and then the rain chased them Away.

I decided to become a tourist so when the sun finally peeked out I plopped myself on the beach and watched storm clouds roll on by. I beachcombed and found petrified wood and  few shells, played with a scorpion and begun to seriously wonder if that’s what crawled across my face the other night.  I played with a hippie and her piggy and did some exploring on the Brompton.   All and all a fun day but if every day was this easy I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

I’ve received more warnings of the dangers of biking to Hana and am a bit freaked out but I’ve been freaked out cycling since getting here.  I’m moving towards an all raw diet and Hana is the place to go for natures gold. 

The oddest part of the whole day is that with nothing to challenge me I actually started to think about finding a new home which could honestly be anywhere in America, including a hippie homestead right here. A yurt in the jungle seems pretty luxurious these days. Ive always wanted to build a small cabin and since I have nothing better to do, no commitments and an open map now may just be the time or maybe soon, who knows maybe I will  start a Brompton rental and store, I could call it Haole Ali’s. 

I’m feeling pretty free these days and will gladly trade my board shorts for a sarong and bare feet, maybe even grow my hair out again,.  Now where did I put that damn sandlewood oil. 

All I can really say is that the last few weeks have maybe been the most fun i have had in quite a while. I’m not a vacation type of guy, hell my whole life has been a sort of  vacation and I’ve never been of the grass is greener mentality, life here or there is what you make of it. 

Either way I’m really staring to love my iPhone for a small connection to the world and an easy way to travel and share my experience. So down the path of life we will wander until we find the next fork in the road, just me, myself and I-phone. 

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