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You want to know how to quit smoking?  Throw your ciggis away, become a raging lunatic for a few weeks and then have a happy life. With all the money you save you can afford a Brompton or a Falmouth Cutter or just start a slammin investment account. 

The fist thing that happens when you commit to quitting smoking is that you freak the fuck out and chain smoke.  I’m passed that stage now and have cut my daily smoking by a third.  Let’s face it I have something in common with the meth heads, ice freaks, stoners and lushes. My name is Stormy and I’m an addict. 

I purchased my Brompton because I wanted the best bike in the world but what I didn’t count on was that we would develope a serious relationship or that she would save my life.  Two out if three nic fits a day have me pedaling like lance Armstrong minus the roids. My quads are blown, my lungs strong And my determination is growing every day. 

The thing about this bike is that it’s such an absolute joy to ride, maintain and travel with, that it’s actually overpowering my addiction to cigarettes one dat at a time.  

No quitting won’t be easy and it’s not but we will and will be continually challenged in life be it communicating with our spouce or kids or employers life is a series of comment and challenges as is the daily and lifelong battle over addiction. 

I have been through some, we’ll hell hundreds of borderline phycoticaally hard, trying and downright dangerous situations in my lifetime.  Is you add them all up into one single experience they look like a vacation in paradise compared to the absolute hell and suffering I have gone through in the last few weeks.  The byproduct is that I have created a zen like inner strength that no experience on earth could create.  Last night I was over run with fire ants, they infested my tent biting me and pushin the bounds of insanity.   Honestly after the floods, strvation, loneliness, Mosquitos…   For all I care the fire ants can fucking blow me. My body is my temple and I am working hard at making it pure a the driven snow. 

My point of this whole post is that I’m a semi educated privileged male here by choice.  You don’t see me giving up and running away.  Quitting is always the easy way out and more often than not the wrong choice,  Unless it’s quitting smoking which I can assure is possible.   Excuse me now I have to go scream I to the wind.  All this talk is giving me a major nic fit 

PS dear big tobacco Fuck you!

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