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Sitting under the shelter of an old tin roof the rain falls hard. The geckos keep me company, I’ve started writing a book in my iPhone. 18 hours a day is a lot of time to fill but I never seem to have enough. Strangers only a few weeks ago now they are all good friends, each one has been given a proper name and I know them all by looks and personality.  

There is no room in the tent to play my uke so my new tin office on the beach is my studio on rainy days.  I find this funny heart on the back of some sheet music.  When Serena found it she crossed out Heathers name and wrote in hers. Today I see that Emily too has found it and made her mark.  My heart is full yet I sit alone on the beach waiting for my wahine to find me. 

The dreams are powerful and she comes to me every night but I don’t know who she is. She whispers into my ear with soft moist lips,  I’ll come to you when you invite me. I wake up wet, sandy and itchy on the outside.  But my soul is warm, I feel complete and whole in a way only a person who is truly loved can feel. 

I walk to the beach and write haiku  love letters in the sand to this stranger hoping the one day soon I will wake up next to her. 

Wayne Dyer once told me that there are no justified grievances. That everything in our lives is that way because we have choosen it. Today I choose love, I don’t want to be alone any longer and being alone can exist in many forms. I throw my heart into the sea and watch it drift away with the tide. My invitation has been sent on a half moon rising. 

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