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I’m nearing shore, the waves stack and curl wildly.    Chloe is tucked safely into her lee cloth, I won’t be getting any help from her today.  Occasionally a big one will slap our quarter sending a spray and all the colors of the rainbow. I’m all alone out here and in my element, we both are.  

It’s 80 degrees out and my type of sailing.  I’m the only sailboat in the straits today but every fishing trawler out here comes to inspect us. I throw my thumb in the air but it’s my permagrin that tells the story. Sookie is trying to surf the waves.  I’m not tired but I would do anything for a bit of relief from the tiller. I want to take pictures and shoot some video. I’m awestruck by nature, the sea never stops moving. 

If I could I would fly home and sail Sookie here today,  I miss her, living  a simple life on her and more importantly sailing her.  She is a fine lady and always keeps me safe.

I’m continually shocked and how many people who are continually shocked that I not only live aboard such a tiny boat but also love it. 

There are many boats and many people in the safe harbor who tell me Sookie I to small to safely cruise. They are all there today hiding from the storm. But for Sookie it’s not a storm. It’s her home and she is my home. 

Today I make piece with my sailing mentor, instructor and good fiend.  She passed on a decade ago but we had lost touch when she sailed to the South Pacific, I learn of her passing just before flying to Maui. I make my own needle and thread from nature and sew a Lei for her. Lea didn’t just teach me to sail, she taught me to be a sailor. I drift on the tide with the lei, one last journey with Captian Lea. 

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