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I’ve finally found something in this life that I love more than Jessica Alba.  Yep it’s  my faithful little Brompton. I’ve easily surpassed the 400 mile mark, maybe closer to 500, I’ve stopped counting.  I’m at a loss for words at how much I love riding this quirky little wheeled bike. 

Awkward and dorky like me she is also a genuine work of art. When I fist found her I rode her like a drunken sailor bobbing and weaving my way through life. Now we roll like A New York bicycle messanger chasing life through experience. 

Today we bombed around the small half of the  island. I’m flush and exilerated beyond my own belief. My endorphins are through the roof. I’m continually shocked at how much joy I get from the simple act of riding my little brompty. It may actually be better that sex!   Ok that’s just crazy talk but it’s definitely the most fun you can have with our clothes on. 

If you have the means I highly suggest you take one for a ride and when you do, ride her like you stole her.  

Disclaimer:   I am in no way shape or form affiliated with the Brompton bicycle company…

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