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I’m sitting on my perch in the old tin shed. There is a girl sitting next to me, she smells like patchouli and fresh flowers.  She is a world famous blogger or should I say bloggess we sit in silence both in our own worlds. She is writing a book on her I-pod.  It almost makes me feel normal.

I’ve found a spot to poach wifi. 500 yard away is an outlet, my battery only lasts 10 minutes but it’s enought to get a blog out and check my email. My morning email run is the most anticipated part of the day it’s my island connection.   Four hours a week is not enough time to share the adventure but life moves pretty quickly here, even on island time. Maybe someday I’ll write about the guy that picked me up hitch hiking, he had an Uzi in the back seat.  Then there was The night I danced with a naked fire girl till dawn on Little  Beach. To much to tell for now.  

I also write my book one hour every morning, shut the phone down and walk to the sea for my first daily bath.  I can smell the reef when I dive in, some mornings I swim with small sharks or turtles but most days I’m alone. 

The weather guesser says heavy rain, it’s early now the sun has just risen but it’s already hot and steamy, I sleep naked on the beach every night… The weather is perfect here. 

I think about ways to make money with my blog, I decide against it and walk off in search of a coconut for breakfast, paradise has been found.  it’s always been here, I just couldn’t see it…   

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