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By this time next week I hope to be back on Sookie sipping a glass of wine and toasting all the many people who joined me on this journey.  

Over the years I have owned more boats than I can count, when asked which one was best, my answer is always every one of them. 

Back before the turn of the century I purchased a turn key Catalina 25 in my opinion one of the finest boats ever built. She was flawless in every way. Over the next 5 years I would sail her upwards of  300 days a year and over 10,000 miles from the Channel Islands to Mexico. 

In all those miles I never had a single gear failure.  Her little outboard always started on the second pull except for the day I sold her. On thy day it started on the first pull. 

I loved that boat so much I hired a marine architect to help me make her into a blue water boat. In the end we could have beefed her up but the weight penalty would have killed her dream performance.  I reluctantly let her go, not because I didn’t love her but because I loved her so much I din want to slow her down.  When she did sell it was for the exact amount I paid and she sold as the highest priced C25 on the market. She sold in three days   

I find a lot of joy in the process of rebuilding old boats but it can be a slippery slope. It’s not just finding  the right boat but the right location. Sookie is ready for a coat of paint and a good launch party. She is perfect in every way, they all were.  My next journey will be one of self discovery. Do I really want a larger boat or maybe I’ll just borrow a trailer and celebrate the New Years in Guyamas. It’s hard to imagine winter when I don’t even own a pair of shoes. 

A new form of freedom has been discovered.  One that lets me do anything or go anywhere for no other reason than it sounds like a fun journey.  There are many open doors and forks in the road. All I have to do is choose my destiny. Or maybe I’ll let it choose me. 

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