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My pack is packed, my Brompty is all snugged up in a crfboard box and ready for her next adventure. I was hoping to spend the winter here but  I keep hearing the PNW calling my name.  

I can already smell the fire place. I can feel my snugly warmies and taste a nice winters hot buttered rum. I watch the sunrise surrounded by tropical plants, I know them all by name as they surrounded my childhood.  

I came here for many reasons, none of them matter anymore. I will be headed to the west coast with a new set of eyes. The next journey is in the makeing. It’s hard to say goodbye to all my new friends but that’s what travel is. Short intense relationships that you never want to let go of….  There will be many more stories down that long road, many more goodbys and many more new sights, sounds and tastes.   I’ve been on the move for 7 straight months but it’s really more like 13 straight years as that’s when I walked away from the security of my little cubicle. 

I need a break and will find it in the form of a cozy little cabin close to a pub with lots of good bicycle trails I have a book to write before I head out on the next big one.  Funny thing is, if my dreams are real and they always are.  That Cabin will lay the foundation for the biggest adventure yet.  Turn on the light,  I’m coming home….

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