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Rise up this mornin. Smile to the rising sun. Three little birds,  each by my doorstep. Singin sweet songs. Of melodies pure and true.  Saying “this is my message to you”.

I smile an try and remember just a few days back. I’m lying in my tent sweating, covered with flies. I’m so exhausted I can’t move. I study the bugs crawling across my tent when a siren goes off blaring so laud it deafens me yet somehow I still hear it. Tsunami I can’t get up, too weak.  I lay there wondering how it will do me in, quickly or a long slow painful death. I don’t think about my friends. I don’t think about my family. I don’t have any regrets for the things I never got around to in life. It doesn’t matter at this point, nothin does.  I think about Chloe ” be patient baby I’m coming to see you”. 

 I roll over and see family’s fleeing dragging thier kids with packs slung over thier shoulder. Even in a life or death situation they actually take the time to save thier precious shit before grabbing the kids.  I close my eyes and I’m running beside Chloe… I let go of everything 

  My only want and desire is that when my time comes and I’m old and grey  is that somewhere out  there somebody loves an misses me as much as I do Chloe.  I have many years left on this planet, if I can ever become half of as great a person as she thought I was I will be content with the life I created. 

My nieces are sound a sleep occasionally making peaceful sounds from the dream  world. I ran into my sister at dawn on the beach. The boys are out on a dive…  All the children are protected by a halo of love and nourishment. 

And so like all fairy tails. There was a long journey. Dragons to sleigh and a princess to save…  I have found my treasure burried somewhere deep in my heart  and they all lived happily ever after. 

True love will find you in the end. 

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