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I can hardly believe  2015 is already coming to a close.  It feels like just yesterday that I was lacing in my new lee cloths, mounting new lifeline stanchions and tapping in the last fiddly bits to finish Sookies reefing system.  Splicing in her bow net was the last project before slapping on s quick coat of paint and varnish and cutting the dock lines. My favorite post of the year was top sailing blogs of 2015, it opened a gold mine of sailings resources so again I’m hoping you guys will share the magic with me. P
I have a feeling the best sailing stories go untold as blogging while actually out sailing is virtually impossible.  My most recent sailing journal barely found half a dozen posts over the 75 day journey.  I’m putting the whole story together in digital format and it will be available soon. Until then if you have any little secret nuggets of love please share them to keep me going while I get Sookie ready for a new season of everything from day sailing to blue water voyaging.


I backed out of the Dana after one sea trial, she was an amazing ship but just didn’t sing and dance the way Sookie does.  I don’t know what magic Spell Lyle Hess Cast in this little boat but sailing her is like dancing through the sky on a magic carpet.  At 22′ and 5.12 net tones she is small for sure.  I find myself walking that very fine line, I can’t afford to keep her and I can’t afford to let her go.  The search continues for the one and only thing keeping me from sailing into the sunset, a proper wind vane, I just may have to make my own.

Looking out across the valley I wonder where I’ll be this time next month.  Santa brought me a thick fuzzy red jacket but no shoes, he must be telling me that I’m not going to need them any time in the near future.  My tan is slowly fading but that is only temporary, my sea bag is packed and patiently waiting but there is much to do before I hop on Brompty and start the long pedal north.  It’s almost time to go home.




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