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I feels like a million lifetimes have pased through me since landing a mere 21 days ago but I’ve made it. In two days I will be sitting on a fancy beach drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in them.  

I’m not really feeling anything at this point other than I’d really like to do my laundry, take a Long hot shower and crawl into clean white silky sheets.  Sleeping on rock hard ground with nothing but a thin foam mattess leaves much to desire.   

I’ve accomplished nothing that I thought I would and everything that never crossed mind. I want to go home so badly wherever that is and start making my way to Sookie. 

My last thought of the night was laying in my super comfy cozy v berth wrapped up in big brown listening to coast to coast by candle light on my little short wave radio. 

There will always be people who are searching for a deal when it comes to buying boats. When I do it I’m searching for a home because I always want a warm safe place to lay my head at the end Of a long day… Or month.      

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