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I could easily come up with 10,000 reasons why you u should never take to the sea with your dog, they would all be lies…

Sailing blog

I don’t think I can come up with one single example of how sailing with your dog is easy but I have never sought out an easy life..  It was blowing a straight 30 knots gusting higher, Chloe needed to go potty and the large developing swell caused by a wind over tide didn’t care  getting her into the dingy was a challenge to say the least but the row to shore was easy, we surfed each wave as a crowd started to gather on the dock waiting for us to flip and drown  I cursed myself for not putting her life jacket on but it was too late now. By some rare miracle we made it to shore, on the way back 20 minutes rowing nowhere in our rubber dink a power boat came to offer us a tow.  It was a wild wet ride and Chloe loved every minute of it  the dingy is her favorite way to travel.   This scenario isn’t a rarity, it actually happens all the time.

Having a soaking wet and salty pup isn’t ideal but it’s what I have called home for over a decade. I find that I’m having a tough time finding a reason to live without my faithful companion.  She was the instigator of watching every sunrise every day. She kept me in shape and in the best company a man could ask for and while it was always a challenge, the rewards were priceless. I honestly never thought I would go down this road again but I have decided that life without a furry companion is no life at all. Chloe was a rescue dog although she ended up rscuing me from a life of monotony.  I have started my search for a new little girl to rule the decks of Sookie, playing pirate by yourself sucks.

i don’t know what breed I will end up with but she will be small, bat shit crazy and capable of keeping up with me all day long.  So down island we will sail with dog as my co-pilot.

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