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Yep that’s me a fucking idiot…before I go one step further I will say don’t worry I’m ok. I’m actually great. Don’t worry, be happy. 

I wake up dizzy and faint, my head Is killing me I can’t focus on anything. I’m in the weakest state of my life. I’m literally starving but I don’t care because I have scraped up a hundred bucks and I’m cab-n It to my posh hotel. It takes the better part of 4 hours to take my tent down and give it to a homeless guy with the balance of my y food. I have food to eat but my system won’t let me eat more than scraps for days on end si I give it all away, It doesn’t matter it all ends today. 

I wobble and weave to the cab. The whole trip I’m on the verge of either passing out or vomiting.  I make it to the hotel and give the cabbie 40 bucks. I’m having chest pains. I slowly stager in and try and check in. I say try because I’m a fucking day early…Rat Fucked!

I’m sitting in a hostel slowly nibbling on food trying to regain my strength, I’m surrounded by a harem of pretty giggling young travellorets  hot coffee in hand and I have a bed. I’d write more but I  can’t. Nina  from the Netherlands is giving me a shoulder rub and desperately wants to learn more about Sookie.  Her dream is to live on a boat like the one she grew up on.  Life is good.

PS.  Dear… And you know who you are  Thank you:)

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