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I miss my first sunrise since arriving on Maui  snuggled  up tight as a bug in a rug I’m completely content, I hold on, I don’t want this to end, ever… and why should it. 
Another day passes and I’m surrounded by family, laughter food and Piña Coladas.  My family is never suprised by what I drag in, they are always warm an welcoming   They love me and if it makes me happy it makes them happy. 

We laugh and smile and share.  I’m suprised by my own words when asked what my next adventure will be. I tell them about the dreams I keep having and the South Pacific.  They used to think I’m nuts, so many years of just throwing a dart at a map and following it to the end of the earth, now they know I’m nuts.  

There will always be obstacles but I feel I need to one up my slow boring life and have a real adventure worth stamping on my name on. I think about Sookie and the 5 year 50k refit I’ve done on her, I can see bikinis hanging from her lifelines, fresh fruit in little hammocks, naked tanned bodies that smell like coconut and feel like fresh flowers. 

I wonder if I have what it takes to be a truly authentic nuatical writer, to write from the soul and not for a paycheck.  My flight is booked, back to the snow and rain and cold.  Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.

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