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Frustration has been mounting in my attempt to find a heater with a sailboat attached. It’s been four and half years now attemping to find a way to heat Sookie without ruining her perfect interior. And like everything in my life a guardian angel has descended from the heavens and… 

I spent the evening sketching ourt a scale drawing of Sookies galley the only place I can fit a small heater. Her galley has been oven less since day one thinking this gaint gaping hole was the only place I could fit a heating unit.  I can easily fit both a wood stove or a propane one but it would cost me my cooker and the exhaust plumbing would be a cluster. 

If my drawings are correct I can fit this new tiny heater and a full size oven if I choose to.  This is a complete game changer if I can pull it off. 

I ran and re ran the numbers, il be a hundred pages deep before the end of the weekend if tonight’s Christmas party doesn’t render my weekend useless. Having other priorities and obligations In life has kept me from finishing the masterpiece that Sookie is from her cranze iron designed by Larry Pardey to her stern anchor roller designed and built by Mike Anderson.    Years in the making I was beginning to feel defeated as I have so many small improvements on my drawing board  but have never had the time to complete.

I’m still trying to get used to my newly found freedom and the ability literally for the first time in my adult life to to what ever the hell I want with zero concerns for anything and zero responsibility period.  

I pulled out my old and tattered journal from the depths of my backpack. It’s my secret journal and a complete log of my journey to Sookie and the mental process of designing her rebuild. I was suprised when I came across a cryptic note in my sketch. I had completely forgotten about her secret locker and the contents. I wonder I I will ever grow up and stop burying treasure…

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