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And by the hair if my chinny chin chin I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house in. 

There is some shinanagins going on in comment land on a post I recently wrote. This in my two cents which is all it’s worth. The comment suggests that a first time boat owner should buy an old derelict piece of shit boat. His reasoning is that the new owner will run ground hit docks break down… All these things are very true and I agree with them.  Rather than argue  with him or ram my opinion down other peoples throats who were unfortunate enough to stumble by here today I will give give 2 simple examples.  I could probably write an entire book on this subject but who cares what I think.  I’m just a dumb fucking homeless guy. 

I have a very good friend who wanted to learn to sail. This guy gets sea sick at the dock on a calm day.  He bought an old beater, read a few books and took the boat out and tried to kill it an himself in the process. Guess what, he loved it and lived through it. He ran aground hit docks lost his boat and found it somewhere else… It’s been two years now and he lives aboard and voyages often with his family now on his 6th boat  he is a fine sailor and excellent navigator as well as cook and deck boy.   He has the finest yacht in the world. He still hits the occasional dock and yes he has even run aground.  We all make mistakes here and there it’s what I love so much about sailing. You never stop learning. 

I have another friend who is one if my two favorite people in the world to sail with. He went to sailing school, chartered and crewed on boats and sucked up knowledge from evey sailor he could find.  He really wanted a modern late model boat but couldn’t afford it at the time so we worked hard and saved and a few years later got that boat and sailed the shit out if it.  Since buying that boat he has sailed at least 2 or 3 times to Cabo crossed the pacific a couple of times and sailed his new boat home from Alcupolco to Bellingham.  I’m not saying that he has never hit the dock or run aground but If he has I’ve never heard of it or seen it. He did hit a deadhead in a full blown winter gale which stove his rudder but that’s the shit we face up here.

 I will never tell another sailor  how to do this or that, different strokes for different folks. Let me dumb this down abut for my self,  a bit off today. There are two cars siting side by side. A Yugo with no seat belts or air bags. And a brand new Subaru with steel reinforced doors, front and side air bags and a seat belt. Each car is going to be hurtled into a telephone pole at 30 miles per hour. You have to get into one, choose A or B

As for me, well I like a keel that can’t fall off. A good strong and easily serviceable rudder and  stick that stays where I put it. All this can be had for less than 10k which is how much money I made as a 17 year old making $3.74 an hour delivering pizzas.  In closing there are three very basic   Designs of boats  ones made of straw( day sailors). Ones made of wood (coastal cruisers) and ones made of brick ( blue water sailboats). I don’t know which one you would chose but when the big bad wolf comes blowing at my door I want to be in a boat built like a brick shit house. 

Tip of the day there are quite a few out there that think older fiberglass boats are stronger than new ones. Short answer , They aren’t.  

For good reads on awesome sailing on a budget visit www.controlledjibe.com. And please don’t make fun of mark. Lots of grown men are afraid of sharks, myself included. 

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