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A cold rain is falling, I’m warm and dry sitting beside my much loved bike and her munched and crunched Brompton bike box, she made it through without a scratch

A hot cup of Kona coffee tastes especially good today. Somewhere in Oregon my only thought is to find as much pickup work as possible so I can make my way home to Sookie. 

It’s been an amazing year of travel and exploration but also one of loss. I’m reading ocean passages, my finger traces many routes, many locations to launch from and I wonder if that Dana in Coneticut will do the job, maybe the one in Chicago but there is also the one in Anacortez. While my search continues I ponder sailing Sookie to Alaska, riding my bike around the PNW  and that damn cabin I keep dreaming about. 

Gettin me on a plane is just about the most difficult thing on the planet, I much prefer the slow mode of bikes and boats. With a clean slate I rethink minalist travel, gear and electronics.  My digital office may be empty but it was easy to let go of knowing I would be forced to find a better way to share the journey.  

I look out the window of my flat and see that the lake is overflowing. It’s a metaphore for my life. I have my health, I’m in the best shape of my life and happy and free as a bird. 

Hawaii showed me many things but the most important was how content I am with my life. I saw sad people, unhappy people, angry people, bitter people, lost souls, drug addicts, alcoholics… I met people with so much insecurity and hostility but for what I can’t imagine.  My backpack is aready packed for the next adventure and while I have issues to deal with like all of us my emotional baggage fits into a clean little package and will always be small enough to carry on. 

Maui tonight me that the truest freedom in life starts in the mind. All the success in the world is for not, all the possesions in the world can’t buy happiness.  Going through the motions on a treadmill is the biggest thief of life and our youth regardless of or age. 

I will continue to do and go about everything in life the way I always have only this time I will do it differently.  I’m donating my life to the world. If there is anything you need in this world maybe I can help. Just send me a message in a bottle and I’ll be there…

Today I started writing about my trusty side kick Brompty and how a bike can and will save your life, it reveals the age old mystery of the fountain of youth.

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